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September 28, 2007

Ryan Adams is a big ole baby!

Ryan Adams reportedly threw a baby-like temper tantrum during his sold-out show in Minneapolis Thursday night.

The fiesty rocker was evidently frustrated with the sound at the State Theatre where he was performing, and continuously complained about it throughout the night, moving his sound monitors, microphone and guitar peals.

When Adams didn't return for an encore, several fans stood up and booed.

"I don't know what the story was," guitarist Neal Casal told a local newspaper after the show. "I just play guitar."

Pedal steel guitarist Jon Graboff added, "What can I say? I'm not the monitor guy. Ryan's the boss."

This isn't Adam's first meltdown.  In 2003, he had another tantrum where he also criticised the sound system and local hero Paul Westerberg.

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