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September 1, 2007

Village Voice shout out for Hot Mess!

We also have to thank that twink lovin' troll Michael Musto (ain't he pretty) for his shout-out for Hot Mess at Porky's in the latest Village Voice!

"...Hot Mess at Porky's—where your shoes stick to the Jell-O shots on the floor and the go-go boys spazz on the bar as drag queens call out raffle-ticket numbers," Michael Musto, Village Voice.

Awww, how sweet!  That's what makes us a HOT MESS.  It takes a lot of Jell-O shots to get go-go boys to spazz like that, so I see it's paying off!


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he is a very UGLY man. My god. So gross. No wonder all he can do is "write"

only 80 year old queens read michael musto's crappy dribble. i don't think people will stop going to one of the most popular parties in town because musto's cheap shoes got stuck on the floor.

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