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September 24, 2007

Wake-up Call: In the news now

[Clooney facing dangerous driving charge? | Digital Spy] - George Clooney could face dangerous driving charges after he was involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey.  Cops say Clooney cause the accident when he tried to pass a car on the right side which is illegal in Weehawken where the accident occurred.

[SAVE MARIAH FROM HER GOONS | NYPost] - The folks over at Page Six are knockin' on Mariah Carey for having so many body guards in her posse.  The GaySocialites love Mariah, so we can't ever knock the best selling female recording artist of all time!  I've learned not to question Mariah Carey.  I'm sure she needs a lot of security, her legs are insured for goodness sakes!  It might be a part of her insurance plan.

[Hillary Clinton on FOX News Sunday | FOXNews.blog] - Hillary Clinton hit the talk show circuit this weekend plugging her health care plan.  Her interview on Fox News Sunday was great!  I was surprised to see Hillary on the same program on which her hubby Bill Clinton attacked host Chris Wallace for pulling a "conservative hit job" on him.  Hillary held her own and appeared very presidential while trying to convince the conservatives that when elected, she will lead beyond partisanship.


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