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October 10, 2007

Al Sharpton replies to Whoopi Goldberg's claims


As we first told you earlier this week, Whoopi Goldberg has requested that Reverend Al Sharpton apologize to the Duke Lacrosse players who were accused of rape and dragged through the mud until proven innocent.

On Wednesday morning's episode of the View, Whoopi read a letter she received from Rev. Sharpton.  An apology?  No.  Instead, Al wrote Whoopi saying that he never got involved in the Duke case at all.

Sharpton said he was invited to get involved but decided not to partake.  Surprising, I know.

In the letter, Al also invited himself on the show asking Whoopi to book him so they can discuss the cases he has in the works.  Sharpton also invited Goldberg to dinner.  The View co-hosts joked that Whoopi got a date out of the whole thing.

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