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October 26, 2007

Britney and K-Fed custody battle continues Friday

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will be back in court on Friday as their custody battle rages on.

Britney has limited visitation now, but Kevin has custody of the kids since Spears seems to have a problem complying with the court.

Things could get pretty heated, so the court house is pulling out all the stops and warning reporters about special security measures.

"A second weapons screen station will be set up on the eighth floor tomorrow between the elevators and Department 88. Cell phones, recording devices and cameras will not be permitted past the weapons screen or in Department 88. Reporters are urged to make other arrangements for their cell phones. Anyone who has a cell phone with them when they go through the weapons screen on the eighth floor must give it to the deputies before they will be allowed past. Deputies will then provide a claim slip, or receipt, to retrieve the phone later. Individuals who do not have business in the courtrooms on the eighth floor and do not have a seat in Department 88 will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway."

As we told you Thursday, Britney got some good news after receiving high marks in her parenting classes with Federline.


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