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October 18, 2007

David Beckham blogs about playing soon

David Beckham is ready to play.... almost!

The beautiful Brit is getting ready to prove that he can be more to soccer than eye candy on the sidelines!  Becks is even blogging about it.

Hi everybody,

After spending the past few weeks working hard on my fitness you’ll be glad to hear that I now feel ready to play, and hopefully I’ll be on the bench for the game against Red Bull New York today. Obviously I’m not completely match fit yet, but I hope to get on and play a little, which will help my fitness. The team have been absolutely brilliant lately, winning five games in a row, so I know it’ll be a challenge to get back into the starting eleven. I went along to the Galaxy Foundation Charity golf day on Monday and, although I couldn’t play, I did enjoy watching the rest of the squad playing and got to meet some of the fans, which was great.

That’s all for now,


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