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October 24, 2007

Gay blogger Ramone Johnson gay bashed at Splash?

Ramone Johnson is best known for his work on About.blog as the Gay Life blogger, but on Saturday October 6th Johnson blogged about something very personal saying he was gay bashed outside a popular New York City gay nightclub.

According to Ramone's blog, he was attacked outside of Splash and hid behind one of the club's door men to save himself from the gay bashers.

Evidently after telling Johnson to retreat inside Splash, the bouncers threw back into the street where his gay bashers waited.

"I tried to keep my composure, but ended up in the bathroom stall, crying, ashamed that I wasn't able to protect myself, my friend or my fellow gay brothers. And then the worst happened... 

To my dismay, one of the bouncers found me and told me I had to leave. Leave, I said. I've been gay bashed by a stranger. I was protecting my friends and in turn was socked and kicked in the stomach. He stayed firm to his orders. As I walked up the stairs of Splash Bar NYC, I saw one of the managers. I pleaded with him not to kick me out because I was afraid the guy and his friend were still out there. His response: 'I don't know anything about that!'"

Johnson writes that his friends helped him into a cab as the bashers drove away.

I have contacted Splash management for comment.  I will keep you posted of any future developments.

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