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October 10, 2007

Has Kid Nation lost its spark?

Rating continue to drop for the ground breaking children's reality show, Kid Nation, on CBS, but advertisers are still jumping on board.  This is clearly not how it usually works!

Viewers equal advertisers in most cases, but Kid Nation seems to be doing something right!

Could it be the controversy?  The moment that I thought the Kid Nation controversy was all over, I saw an advertisement last night singling out one of the children for not working as hard as the rest.

The rest of the kids who are trying to build a town from scratch are upset because 10-year-old council member Taylor isn't pulling her weight.  In the tease commercial, the other villagers seem to be angry with Taylor for being lazy and laughing about it.

I can understanding putting an adult reality star on the spot, but I think putting a kid to the same scrutiny is wrong.

It seems as though Kid Nation's goal is to keep the kiddie controversy alive. 

Whatever pays the bills, I guess!

Kid Nation airs Wednesdays on CBS at 8pm EST.

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