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October 20, 2007

Hot Henry on Ugly Betty!


Christopher Gorham has been playing the geek on Ugly Betty, but on Thursday's episode of this ABC hit we'll see another side of Betty's nerdy love interest Henry.

Gorham who plays Henry Grubstick strips down to his undies and impresses the other characters with his bangin' body and rock hard booty.

Notice the expression on Mode magazine seamstress Christina McKinney, played by Ashley Jensen, when she notices that you can bounce quarters off of Henry's buns of steele.  Priceless.

If you don't love this show, then you probably don't know how to laugh!

See Hot Henry on Ugly Betty Thursday at 8pm (EST) on ABC.


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may i say he's soooooooo hot can i keep him?

totally gorgeous. i may start watching this show now.

he looks like ben andrews in the intern

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