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October 08, 2007

It could all be up to Iowa for the Democrats


There is a lot riding on the first official presidential vote of the season for the Democrats.

With the Iowa caucuses are just three months away, the three leaders in the national polls are spending a lot of time out west.

Hillary Clinton leads polls both nationally and in Iowa.  If she can win in Iowa, the former first lady could pick up enough speed to carry her all the way to the party's nomination.  According to the Newsweek poll of Iowa's registered democrats, 31% are supporting Hillary.
The exact opposite could happen for Barack Obama and John Edwards. The Newsweek poll has 25% of dems behind Obama with 21% supporting Edwards. It could be all but over for these two if they can't win in Iowa.

Hillary is dominating the polls in New Hampshire so Edwards and Obama are focused on bringing her down in Iowa.

Only time will tell.

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