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October 05, 2007

Jennifer Lopez to announce pregnancy


If Page Six is right, then Jennifer Lopez is going to announce to the world by way of Madison Square Garden that her always frail looking hubby Marc Anthony has finally knocked her up!

JENNY from the Block wants to share the good news she's expecting - right here in her hometown. Bronx native Jennifer Lopez, 38, plans to "announce that she and (husband) Marc Anthony are expecting their first child on Saturday night at her Madison Square Garden concert," said an insider. A spy at her concert in Connecticut Wednesday night told us, "a fan blew the side of her top all the way up for a moment, and a definitive baby bump was there. She was very quick to push down her top. Then she talked about how this year is full of firsts for her . . . and every so often her dress would fly up and you would see her belly."

I'm hoping to get some good pics of this, so if anyone is going to the concert please feel free to e-mail me at !!

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