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October 27, 2007

Justin Timberlake snubs Australian fans & reporters


Justin Timberlake is clearly getting tired of his high profile celebrity lifestyle... poor guy!

The Sexy Back singer is pissing off fans and the media in Australia while he is there for his tour.

Perez Hilton got his hands on a Brisbane newspaper that claims Timberlake is avoiding fans and photographers while hanging out during his free time.  How dare he want privacy?

The paper even says Justin hung up on some local radio DJs who prank called his hotel room.  What did they expect?

Justin needs to understand that this comes along with a celebrity lifestyle, but you would think he would know that by now.  However, I don't really get why the paper is bitching about Justin running from them.  You would think they would be accustomed to that as well!

The paper complains that Timberlake avoided fans who patiently waited for autographs while he scarfed down a free meal at a local restaurant.  Not to mention that Justin didn't leave a tip even though their meal was comped.

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I didn't think J. Biel was in Australia on this tour.

oh shut up already. i heard the prank. who cares! maybe he was sleeping. geez. get the fuck over it. i love justin timberlake anyway. :o]

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