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October 15, 2007

Lindsay Lohan: broke, back in LA & returning to work

Lindsay Lohan returned to Los Angeles this weekend looking refreshed and sober after an extended stay at the Cirque Rehabilitation Center in Utah.

The paparazzi caught Lindsay having a toned-down weekend as she went tanning and later saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Lohan's return to Los Angeles comes the same weekend that reports surfaced saying Lindsay is dirt broke.

The former teen queen has evidently managed to blow $7 million on partying and then recovering.

Here's the rough break down:

  • A MILLION dollars on just one hotel bill
  • $137,000 in rehab costs as she battles her hopeless addiction to drink and drugs
  • THOUSANDS more in legal fees after multiple drink driving convictions.

Since she doesn't have much money, Lohan is evidently couch surfing staying with Tom Gores, executive producer on her recent flopped film I Know Who Killed Me.

Lindsay was expected on the set of her newest movie Dare to Love Me Monday morning.

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