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October 29, 2007

Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher's sex tape debut

The world got to know Amy Fisher as teen when she shot her MUCH older lover's wife in the face on Long Island in New York.  Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafucco and his wife Mary Jo instantly became household names. 

Earlier this year Fisher split from her husband Lou Bellera and had a very public date/ reunion with Joey Buttafucco.

Amy and Lou have since made up, but while Lou was fuming over Amy and Joey's reconciliation... he took action into his own hands.

Evidently Fisher and Bellera recorded a sex tape earlier this year, and Lou sold it to Red Light District Video, a Los Angeles porn distributor. 

Amy is pissed!  She wants to halt the release of the tape, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  By as early as next week at this time, you'll be seeing A LOT more of Amy Fisher.  Ewww.

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Steve.olive,Kampala:Pentecost?nothingness aristocrats controversial.

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