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October 25, 2007

My picks for People's Sexiest Fan Alive

Major League Baseball is finally doing something that sparks my interest.

The MLB is teaming up with PEOPLE magazine to chose the Sexiest Fan Alive!

No big surprise, but there a bunch of straight guys and former cheerleader/ sorority girls.

There are however a few hotties on the list, and since you get 5 votes every day... you can be a greedy as you want!

My favorite is, of course, the shaggy haired Californian.  Oakland Athletics fan Grant Tonelli (pictured here) got four of my votes.  Grant is pretty to look at and seems the most spontaneous.  Tonelli's pitch for your vote says he likes to collect Oakland gear and wear it to different stadiums.  Every gay man's dream... a hot guy who likes to shop and travel!

Cubs fan Christopher Noonan is next on my list.  Noonan seems like the drunk guy at the bar who may not be afraid to give body shots off his abs if the Chicago is winning!  Grant got one of my votes.  His smile is gorgeous, but his hair needs some work!

Boston Red Sox's sexiest fan Chris Piela is leading with only one day left to vote, so unless someone really pulls out from behind (no pun intended), then he'll probably be voted People's Sexiest Fan Alive.

There are some other lesser attractive guys and a few women, I think.

Voting ends on Friday, October 26th.

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I actually know the Boston Guy, Chris! He's far cuter in person than his pic shows, and he's in GREAT shape. Its really too bad he's straight, because I don't know anyone who wouldn't date him, but I get him first!!! :) Give him your vote or preferably all 5! Thanks!

Yeah, well I'm married to him and I say, Gay Men, unite and vote for Chris Piela! I tell him all the time he's a closet case. And yes, somehow Noonan "pulled from behind" (although questionable as to HOW) so the heat is on. VOTE FOR CHRIS PIELA!!

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