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October 16, 2007

Nick Hogan's drug tests pending following car accident


Investigators are waiting on Nick Hogan's drug tests to return following his car accident that totaled his $50,000 Supra and left his friend in critical condition.

The report does say that the road conditions were wet at the time of the car crash, but it also says Nick "disregarded other traffic control." 

Evidently Hogan was driving his Toyota Supra at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit a median.

His friend is still in the hospital, and doctors don't believe he will ever recover.

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Gimme a break - that accident happened *weeks* ago and he was treated in the ER - they must have the tox screen back by now. He is in biiiiig trouble. Anyway I bet he was sober - he's just a jacka55.

what a freaking jackas5

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