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October 20, 2007

No settlement in Britney's hit-and-run case


Contrary to popular belief, Britney Spears is not off the hook in her hit-and-run case.

Reports earlier this week said that Spears had reached a settlement with the owner of the Mercedes she dinged right in front of the paparazzi, cameras and all.  Crazy Britney didn't even leave a note, y'all!

It probably won't happen too soon, Britney's attorney is going on vacation next week.

Source: CelebTV.blog 

Britney Spears' lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, tells CelebTV.blog Friday that no financial agreement has been reached with the owner of the car damaged in Spears' hit-and-run accident.

Flanagan says, "I think it’s about $1000 worth of damages, and it will most likely be taken care of."

However, with Flanagan on vacation next week, a speedy settlement is not likely. When asked who will be handling this case in his absence, Flanagan explains, "Nothing is going to get done if I don't do it."

Kim Robard-Rifkin, the owner of the 1999 Mercedes-Benz station wagon that Spears hit Aug. 6 in a San Fernando Valley parking lot, validates the story.

Robard-Rifkin tells CelebTV.blog Thursday, "Absolutely no settlement has been reached. I have been in phone conversations with Britney's attorney discussing a settlement, and I have received a few estimates on damages."

She adds, "We've [Flanagan and Robard-Rifkin] discussed paying for a rental car, but so far, nothing has been finalized."

Spears was issued a California license on Oct. 2. She is due in court next to discuss this case Oct. 25.


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When we have bigger problems in this world, why would everyone rather follow Britney Spears around knitpicking at her pathetic life?

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