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October 13, 2007

Obama and Edwards accuse Clinton of flip-flopping

Barack Obama and John Edwards have launched a major offensive against Hillary Clinton accusing the democratic front-runner of flip-flopping on international relations with leaders of "hostile" countries.

Barack Obama and John Edwards accused front-runner Hillary Clinton on Friday of flip-flopping on whether she would meet with leaders of hostile nations without preconditions.

"I'm not sure if any of us knows exactly where she stands on this," tsk-tsked Obama during a speech in Iowa.

Edwards said Clinton is "trying to have it both ways" and that Americans deserve better than "flip-flops and political double-speak."

On Thursday, in New Hampshire, Clinton said, "I would engage in negotiations with Iran, with no conditions."

During a debate this summer, Clinton said she would not powwow with rogue leaders without preconditions because she worried such meetings could be used for propaganda purposes.

Aides to Clinton suggested her Thursday comment is being misunderstood.

"Sen. Clinton did not say that the U.S. President should precommit to meetings with the leaders of Iran or other rogue states," Howard Wolfson, a top aide, explained. "Rather, Sen. Clinton was clearly referring to diplomacy between nations."

Clinton leads both Obama and Edwards by double digits in most polls.

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well of COURSE she's flip-flopping.

her entire GIG is nothing but getting the latest popular vote (and groupies), no matter which party they're in! in attempts to get EVERYONE'S vote from every freakin party - today she wants the democrats' votes, tomorrow the republicans, and the next the independants or the green people's.

well hillary......as paraphased from a Charmed show: "you can't have it both ways". sorry.

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