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October 18, 2007

OJ could have bought his way out of this one


O.J. Simpson could have easily avoided this whole snitch situation that he is suddenly in as his co-defendants are testifying against him.

As it turns out, his partner in crime Walter Alexander says he may not have told on OJ if he would have paid the bail to get him out of jail.

I asked Juice . . . if I go to jail, you gonna bail me out? . . . and he's like man, don't worry about it, you ain't gonna be here to go to jail," said Alexander, 46, according to a transcript of the the Sept. 15 interview obtained by The News.

"I say man, that's a cheap motherf------ man. He done got us in all this s--- . . . and he don't wanna commit to bailing us out if we go to jail? . . . I ain't gonna do a motherf----- day for Juice," Alexander railed. "If they come get me  . . . I'm gonna tell them the truth."

Alexander made a deal with prosecutors on Monday that traded his court testimony against Simpson for drastically reduced charges.

OJ, on the other hand, faces life in prison.

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I hope get gets life in prison.

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