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October 24, 2007

Paris Hilton's new reality show

Paris Hilton is bound and determined to prove to the world that she can use her celebrity status to do good for the world.

Doing what she does best, Paris will have a reality show camera crew with her as she travels to Rwanda on a mission trip.  The Post Chronicle is reporting that an organization called Playing For Good is sponsoring Paris' trip. 

Miss Hilton's voyage to Rwanda will be documented for the reality show, The Philanthropist.  The new reality show won't only be tooting Paris' horn.  It will also feature various other celebrities undertaking charitable endeavors.

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that isn't very philanthropic at all

Paris's jaws look so f*cked up and squared. I wonder how many times a day she vomits. Poor thing really. Once bulimia causes the jaw bones to become abnormal it lasts forever.

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