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October 12, 2007

Police raid houses in connect with Anna Nicole Smith's death


The case of Anna Nicole Smith's death is heating up again as authorities say they have raided six locations including homes and office belonging to doctors in connection with the overdose leading to the Playboy death.

Even though no one was arrested, Attorney General Jerry Brown told reporters that the investigation involved "the prescribing and dispensing practices of several California licensed doctors and pharmacies."

 "You don’t go to a judge and get a search warrant for somebody’s home unless you think some rather serious crime has been committed," Brown said.

Brown also told the media that he started the investigation on March 30th after learing that the drugs that killed Anna Nicole were prescribed by California doctors and distributed by California pharmacies.

As we first told you in February, Anna Nicole died at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida. 

A spokesperson for the DA's office didn't say which doctors were involved in the case, however CNN is reporting that they are Khristine Erochevich, Smith's shrink, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who reportedly prescribed the powerful painkiller methadone to Smith shortly before she died.

The case gets a bit more juicy.  Both CNN and TMZ are reporting that Smith's former attorney and most recent companion, Howard K. Stern was at Eroshevich's home when the cops arrived.  Stern's lawyer says he was there to pick up his dogs.

Stern, of course, lost custody of Smith's daughter Dannielynn when paternity tests proved that one of Anna Nicole's former flings, Larry Birkhead, was the babies father.

Howard K. Stern remains as the administrator of Anna Nicole Smith's estate.

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