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October 30, 2007

Royal family black mail could be gay sex tape

The latest scandal to make British headlines has become a royal pain the butt!

Over the weekend, the Royal Family revealed that they are being blackmailed by someone who claims to have a sex tape with one of the royals.

Evidently, this member of the family was recorded hooking up with one his aides who he also is accused of doing cocaine with.

Now rumor has it the video, which was taken on a mobile phone, shows gay sex act with the royal individual.

Also on Monday night, Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan were named as suspects accused of threatening to release a "sex and drugs" video unless they were paid £50,000.

The person being black mailed is still being kept secret, however most reports out of London say the person involved in the family is not a "senior royal."  If by "senior" they mean a high ranking member of the family, then that eliminates William and Harry.

I guess we will have to wait and see!


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It's Princess Margarets son David Linley.

Its princess margarets son david linley.

Dee From Cambs 1st 11th 2007. I am not surprised the Royals try to cover up the scandals. Prince Phillip has been round the block with no end of prostitutes, that's been covered up too, for what it is worth most people think being rich and priveledged means respectability it is earnt most pretend and are like wild animals behind the seen, Harry has been on Drugs since he was 15yrs old, now he does drink drugs and sex, and shooting protected animals like his grandfather prince phillip. I think it is time the Royals are treated under the law like every one else, so they can behave really respectable behind the seens too. Prince Charles had a fling with his Royal Aid Fawcett, now he pays to keep him as a kept man. Surprise me.

We wouldn't have these problems if the Royal Family would allow its members to be out of the closet. The problem is, how many would be left hetero?

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