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October 17, 2007

Ugly Trump says he knows beauty

Butt-ugly billionaire Donald Trump thinks he is the authority of who is hot and who is not saying that today's hearthrobs like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie aren't as pretty as the world thinks.

Trump said Clooney is "short" and Jolie is "no great beauty." 

Trump tells talk show host Larry King, "One of the perceptions I had of George Clooney was he was this big, strong guy. And he was very little when I met him."

He adds of Jolie, "Angelina Jolie is sort of amazing because everyone thinks she's like this great beauty. And I'm not saying she's an unattractive woman, but she's not beauty, by any stretch of the imagination.

"I really understand beauty. And I will tell you, she's not -- I do own Miss Universe. I do own Miss USA. I mean I own a lot of different things. I do understand beauty, and she's not."

I own a website company, but I don't consider myself the know-all-be-all of the web.

Someone seriously needs to knock Trump off his invisible throne!

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He's *such* a realist - i love him!

: )

He's *such* a realist - i love him!

: )

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