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October 05, 2007

What happened to Marc Jacobs' clothes?

What happened to Marc Jacobs' clothes?  No, I'm not talking about the clothing he designs. I'm talking about the clothing he is supposed to wear?

Since Marc had his plastic surgery went to rehab, he has been popping up everywhere (in the buff!) It is almost like he doesn't have anything to wear!!

Mr. Jacobs is on the cover of the latest edition of Arena Homme magazine, and you guessed it... he's naked again.

I could think of a really good one-liner here to knock his boy-toy Jason Preston... but I made a promise to leave him alone for the rest of the year!

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Marc Jacobs is gross. He was ugly before he got plastic surgery, and now he is ugly again. He paid for a long-term whore and people still resepct him? He should put his clothes back on...

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