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November 23, 2007

Amy Winehouse looks pissed about visiting hubby in jail


Amy Winehouse sure is a looker, isn't she?!

While visiting her hubby, Blake Civil-Fielder, in jail... Winehouse didn't look to happy at all.  She actually looked like more of a hot mess than usual.

Winehouse didn't have her trademark bee-hive hairdo, and Amy didn't even show off her rotting teeth.

Instead Wino gruffed at photographers and made evil faces.  I'm not sure if this photo is supposed to be one of Amy's "nasty faces" or if it is just her typical nasty face.

Regardless, Amy needs to leave Blake while he is in jail.  She also needs to STOP hanging out with Pete Doherty.

That's like two trains colliding!!

Blake was denied bail on Friday. Civil-Fielder is in the click for trying to persuade some witnesses who were set to testify against him. He must remain in north London's Pentonville Prison until at least January 18.

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