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November 27, 2007

Attack drag queens caught in Memphis


Three drag queen accused of attacking a McDonald's manager through a drive-through window in Memphis, Tennessee.  Why didn't exciting things like this ever happen when I lived there?

Police were looking for three women who are really men on Sunday night after they got into a fight with a McDonald's employee that led to one of the men women swinging and ultimately hitting the manager with a jack iron.

Marquita Glasber, a customer at the McDonalds on Mendenhall, recaps the rivoting tale:

"I heard that some drag queens they come up in here. They took their heels off and boots , took off their heels and boots and left them in there when the fight started,"  she says.

Three men, dressed as women, jumped out of the car, ran into the restaurant armed with a tire iron, and started swinging at employees, but not before they disrobed, kicking off their stiletto boots, hoop earrings, and jackets.

The vicious tranny wanna-be's were caught by police right by the store.

Twenty-six year old Danny Mitchell faces aggravated assault charges.

Twenty-seven year old Lynn Gillespie is charged with assault  and twenty-three year old Dacorian Greer faces vandalism over five hundred dollars.

Work it out girls.


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