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November 13, 2007

Britney Spears avoids traffic ticket despite video evidence


Britney Spears is off the hook for blowing through a red light even though it was caught on camera.  The problem is, the right people didn't catch her.

Spears' ex-hubby Kevin Federline sent his attorney to court Tuesday to ask them to prohibit Britney from driving their kids around in her car.  They have requested paparazzi video of Spears blowing through the light while texting on her cell phone.

The video isn't enough to get Britney a ticket for the violation though.  Evidently, in order to get a ticket you have to get busted by the cops.

"We have to witness it, unless it's an intersection with cameras that automatically take pictures of people running red lights, and then something gets mailed to the registered owner," a representative from the Los Angeles Police Department said.

In New York City, they would jump on the opportunity to tag in her a second!  I'm just saying...


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