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November 5, 2007

David Hyde Pierce on Family Guy?

It really is amazing how much influence a Sunday night cartoon can have on the world.

During the 100th episode hooplah on Fox for Family Guy, writer/creator/everything for the show Seth McFarlane said that David Hyde Pierce did the voice of the character Stewie.

McFarlane left the world wondering who does in fact do the voice the sharp tongued, intelligent baby named Stewie on the Family Guy

So naturally, the internet was burning up with searches related to the topic on Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Is it really Frasier funny man David Hyde Pierce, or was Seth just joking?

Seth was just joking.  McFarlane is a comedy writer after all.  David Hyde Pierce does not do Stewie or any other voice on the show.  The voice of Stewie is actually done by McFarlane himself who also does Peter, Brian, Quagmire, Tom Tucker and more other character's voices on the show.

There you have it, and hats off to Seth McFalane for all the laughs and congrats on having so much influence!!


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You stupid ass David Hyde Pierce IS the voice of Stewie. Check your facts drama queens.

no, he doesn't... Seth MacFarlane does... http://imdb.blog/name/nm0532235/

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