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November 23, 2007

Did Lindsay Lohan dump Riley Giles?

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan is single again! 

Several media outlets are reporting that since Lindsay has been home in New York for the holidays, she has dropped her rehab romance, Riley Giles.

TMZ and many other photographers caught Lohan shopping at Naked in New York for some pretty pink shoes sans Giles. Since their romance budded at Cirque rehab in Utah, Riley has been very good at carrying Lindsay's bags and that's about it.

The National Ledger is reporting that Lindsay dumped Riley, because her friends don't like him and because he can't hang with her posh lifestyle. 

"All her pals hated him," an insider told Star Magazine exclusively in a story that runs this week.  "They thought he was a hick!"  What’s more, says another source, "He was riding Lindsay’s coattails.  He couldn’t even cough up a $20 bill when the pizza guy came!"

Giles claims to be a professional snow boarder, but his resume is a bit blank.  An insider close to Lindsay told gaysocialites.blog exclusively that Lohan was embarrassed by the fact that Riley lied to her in rehab claiming to be something he was not.

It looks like this one is over folks!

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you people dont know shit.

you made up your fake "source."

i read this some where else too, so there is probably some legitamcy to it

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