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November 05, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter and son still not speaking


Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman arrived in Los Angeles at LAX on Monday morning landing in a swarm of paparazzi. 

After his son Tucker Chapman (pictured here), sold a tape to the National Enquirer in which Dog Chapman refers to Tucker's girlfriend Monica Shinnery (also pictured here) as the "N-word;" Dog has been headline news.

Dog told photographers at LAX on Monday that he and his son Tucker still haven't made up.  

Before all of this happened late last week, his show Dog the Bounty Hunter was one of A&E's highest rated shows.  Production was quickly pulled, and the show was eventually dropped from the air together. 

This is probably rock bottom for Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman.  Sadly, I loved his show... 

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Why is it funny when a black man says it and deplorable when a white man says it? It should be deplorable to EVERYONE, instead of guessing what is in the heart of each person who uses the word.

Dog had a right to say whatever he wanted in a PRIVATE conversation with his son. If you listened to the "entire" (I put that in quotes, because the ENTIRE conversation between BOTH father and son wasn't released - we haven't heard the conversation from "Hi son, it's me, Dad" or however he started the conversation) tape recording, Dog explains more than once what HE means by using the word.

Why are people so quick to judge him and bascially say "no, that's not what he meant - he meant the other thing just because he's a white man saying it." Dog didn't know that the tape would be released, so he wasn't explaining it for the thousands of people who would listen to it. He was trying to explain to his son what he thought of ONE black woman - the one his son was dating, and who allegedly was threatening the family.

Isn't it also racism to assume what someone means by something they say based purely on their RACE? Dog has always admitted that he grew up around "bad influences", and spent time in prison - and heard the word over and over again in his experiences. If he knew that he couldn't refrain himself from saying the word because of how he grew up, at least he TRIED to do the next best thing - by using it to mean ignorant and intollerant PEOPLE, and explaining how he was using it.

As for the apology that you claim came "too late", he had already apologized to his son and girlfriend for using the word PRIOR to the tape being sold. And since his use of the word was directed at ONE PERSON and not the whole race, he did what he should have done and apologized to the parties involved.

If Tucker hadn't illegally sold the conversation (yes, in Hawaii it is legal to tape a private conversation with the consent of only one party, but it is ILLEGAL to disseminate the conversation publically), would you still have expected Dog to apologize to the world for what he said in the heat of anger - even if no one ever had found out what he had said?

As for the right to free speech argument, I wholeheartedly agree with it! What gives the American Nazi Party the constitutional right to walk through the streets of a largely Jewish town (ie. Skokie, IL) spewing racially charged words and take that right away from a man using an unfortunate word in a private conversation with his son? When you can successfully answer me that, I'll give up the "free speech" argument.

I don't think that the reason people are outraged is because he said the word. I think that Dog portrays himself to be a Christan and a role model. HOw can he go into the schools like he does and prentend to be some Christian.

Personally, I have accepted that society is ignorant. That being said, words do not really get to me. I was more hurt that my 5 year old child had to hear it on the news. I think the news is great for children, especially since TV is so fake. He can say he doesnt mean it to be racial, but how do you make a child understand that?? They see him praying in his circle and thanking God ... but then they hear him talking like a sailor.

Im in the army were there alot of racism especially towards WHITES!! Its ok when Blacks say all kind of derogatory things about whites even calling whites niggers. But let a white man say and its a crime. I say Bullshit !!! You gat a couple of black men around a group of whites and they act like nice as pie around everybody. But reverse theose roles and have the whites the minority and see how racist they become. There is no diference between the kkk and a group of black men they both hate just the same!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I wonder how much $ Jesse and Al are going to try to extort from the Dog. The man deserves to say whatever he wants in a "PRIVATE" conversation. Lest we would be flies on the wall of Jesse, Al, or even George Bush's personal space, I'm sure we would have nothing else to debate! I have come to admire Dog and his family for the way thay reach out to the "underdog" and if all of the "Christians" were exposed for their "potty mouths", this would be one athiest country. We can be "Christians", and still be human, I think "Jesus" was? It's about time that we lay the "N" word to the fact that it can conotate any color person to be "trash". After all, it's only a word, and unfortunatly so many of the Blacks use it in everyday conversation as if it were okay, so let's stop this "double" standard. Are we still in the mode of being so worried about offending everyone that we've lost site of the other aspects of a person's life, like helping, which Dog does over and over.

The man was having private conversation with his son. Number one his son has no right to sell a conversation with his father to the public. What is said in the privacy of a home should stay there. It is NOT public information. Shame on him for making it so. Number two Dog has overcome many hurdles life has thrown at him, he did not blame everyone else for his situation he accepted responsibility for it. He has helped many people he has captured. Let him continue his work. I have always enjoyed watching him. I love them all. The entire family.

Sharon you are very right, out world loves a winner but they also love to take them down too.

Stacey A passage from the Bible comes to mind it was about when the Jews wanted to stone a whore Jesus said, "You with out sin cast the first stone."

Sgt. naggle That is what Tucker did in anger, by selling the taped conversation getting back at his dad. Which I see as childish but I can see he was defending the lady that had his affections. He hit his dad where it would hurt him the most which is in the eyes of others.

I heard the tape that was released on the internet, I heard no malice in Dog's voice, I heard perhaps anger and maybe fear caused by a thought that his son wanted a life outside of the family business. Every parent fears the lose of there children but the hardest thing to deal with is a child that wants to go into the world which may of threatened Dog. I can understand that very well for when you and your child's mom is strong of will the child can be too. I just think Tucker did not handle his problem with his dad well, like I said before he was the one to sell the tape with the conversation and now the family's show is off the air. Which is what Tucker may of wanted but now I am speculating.

As far as the use of the word Nigger it was a word used to bring the spirit of the black person down and to make the white slave trader and white slave owner feel Superior, I so far in my life have seen many white niggers. Niggers being people that do or say, bad or evil things to others, one group that comes to mind is the kkk and all the rumors around them.

A&E did a knee jerk to one of their highest rating programs, I see bosses of A&E acting typical of the movie industry, when they should be the ones to stand beside him thought this time of bad press. If it were me and I was a bosses at A&E along with Tucker, I would find out who the reporter was the photographer, the paper and I would serve each with papers to meet in the court.
But then you might say I am anger at them.

Tucker and Monique are money hungry.

As a parent we always look for what is the best interest for our children. Dog was doing just that, looking out for the best interest not only for his son but for everyone concerned. I am on Dog’s side and the fact of him using words that may be offensive, I have done that when I am angry. Who here has not done that?

Apparently by what has been written in the tabloids it seems that there are some individuals who feel they can cast ALL the stones they want. My suggestion to those who are against Dog, if in your heart you are free from all sin and have NEVER said things you should not have during angry moments then you are saintly, however, each individual must judge themselves before they go about judging others.

this is stupid just put his show on. It was a private conversation. If any one else said this word you wouldn't give a care.

this is stupid just put his show on. It was a private conversation. If any one else said this word you wouldn't give a care.























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