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November 11, 2007

Is Britney coming to the East Coast?


When all else fails, run... right?  That might be Britney Spears' approach to starting over.

The NY Post is reporting that Britney is thinking about moving to New York City to start fresh.

"Britney and her manager recently looked at a couple of places a few weeks ago," says a source. "She apparently wants to start over in NYC."

The Post is reporting that Britney recently looked at $9 million loft space in the West Village.

This wouldn't be Britney's first NYC pad.  Spears previously owned an apartment on East Fourth Street, but sold it last year for $4 million.


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I hope she does! That will give those paparazzi a lot of driving to do, LOL. Actually she will probably get new ones sadly. One confusing thing. An apartment for 4 million? I thought that's what a large home would cost in NYC. You know. 1 million for a huge home somewhere on the east coast. 4 million because it's in NYC etc. But 4 million for an apartment? It's scary to think how much they want for a place in certain areas.

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