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November 08, 2007

Is Christina Aguilera expecting a boy?


It sure looks like Christina Aguilera is having a boy.  X-tina just registered for more than $12,000 worth of boy baby goodies at Petit Tresor baby boutique in Los Angeles, according to the celebrity gossip website Hollyscoop.blog.

On Aguilera's list: a $3,100 crib, an $800 silk bassinet, $680 of bedding and a $200 cashmere stuffed puppy.  The color of choice:  blue, of course.

It seems like Christina is ready for the world to pay attention to this pregnant mommy!  That's the only reason anymore shops at Petit Tresor.  As the Hollyscoop girls say, "I swear those people have the tabloids on speed dial!"

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congrats on the baby hope he is as cute. and i also lov the new song ur #1 fan izzy (AKA) shorty)

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