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November 17, 2007

Is Simon Cowell gay?


American Idol's Simon Cowell sat down with the Daily Mail to address all those rumors.  Is the hair real?  Has be had plastic surgery? botox?  Is he gay?

We're about to get the answer to all of those questions!

Is Simon's hair real?
"...it's all real. I've never dyed my hair, ever, and I wouldn't."

What about plastic surgery?  Has Cowell gone under the knife?
"No, absolutely not. I have not had cosmetic surgery," he sniggers. "Yes, I've had Botox, but not in an obsessive way. Then again, every guy I know who works in the City has had it now."

The big one: Is there any chance that Simon is gay?
"It's probably my mother's influence,' he laughs. (She is a former dancer, and he does tend to glide around the room, although you could just put that down to expensive shoes). But no, he says he is not gay.

"If I was, why hide it? It's not as if the music business would be an odd place for a gay man to work. And anyway, if I was trying to hide the fact that I was gay, I would be off playing rugby every Saturday, wouldn't I?"

Good point, Simon.  I wish everyone else thought like that!!

Simon may be the most hated man on US and British television, but he is obviously doing something right. Cowell is worth millions and millions, has five homes and a whole staff at his beck and call.

Maybe we could all take a little advice on being a bit more vain?


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