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November 17, 2007

John Edwards looks for votes in picket lines (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Democratic presidential wannabe John Edwards hit the picket lines in Los Angeles on Friday hoping to snag a few votes and some support from the picketing writers currently on strike.

In this video, Edwards grabs a bull horn and gives the writers a bit of a pep talk saying, "what you represent... is to make sure that everyone in America gets a fair chance."

Edwards is currently running in a distant third place in California.  Hillary Clinton is winning that state by a landslide with 53%, followed by Barack Obama with 25% leaving Edwards with less than 13% of the votes.

I guess we'll see if those striking writers line-up behind Edwards now.  I wouldn't bank on it, if I were him.

gaysocialites.blog has officially endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton as our pick to win the Democratic nomination.

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Maybe he actually wanted to support the writers and bring attention the strike, crazy huh?

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