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November 07, 2007

Judge isn't buying Rita Cosby's story

Howard K. Stern is making some headway in suit against Rita Cosby who wrote that Stern had sex with Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy Larry Birkhead.

Now the judge says Rita's stories are coming up short.  After all, they even caught Cosby on tape trying to pay two housekeepers for their testimony in the case.

The crazy thing is that Cosby heard that story from Jackie Hatten, the sister of Anna Nicole's ex Mark Hatten

According to papers filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Mark who just happens to be incarcerated for making criminal threats against Anna Nicole wants some of Smith's inheritance.

Mark Hatten is just flat up crazy!  Jackie Hatten is also Anna Nicole's self proclaimed best friend.  These two sound like reliable sources, huh?

Stern is suing Cosby for $60 million on claims of libel since both Howard and Larry deny that the event ever took place.... Of course they do.

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