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November 30, 2007

Katie Holmes has an all new look...

Katie Holmes has a new look... bang, bang Mrs. Cruise!  I like Katie's bangs.  They're very... well... in your face... in her face really, but not bad.

Ok, I hate them.  Katie, Katie, Katie...  All that we still had of the little girl from Dawson's Creek was the sweet Holmes-look.  Now, it's gone.

I bet Tom Cruise is doing some crazy Eyes Wide Shut Scientology bullshit to her.  Why else would anyone do that to hair?

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Well that's nice.

Not sure what her motivation was-she looks like Maureen Starr-you know, Ringo's first wife. The hair comes after teeth veneers, chin implant, nose job, cheek re- sculpturing...Don't think Tom's ever been happy with the real Katie-He doesn't even like the name Katie. A couple of weeks ago she looked really cool when her hair grew some and she looked had a Posh-like hairstyle. Perhaps that's why Tom wanted her to change, or he likes to keep her on edge with constant criticism from both himself and his mother( who left her husband in FL so she could be another Scientology minder for Katie in the Cruise household). Katie is to be given credit for continuing to hang in there and to continue to look good, despite everything(Tom).

Why does she need to have a reason to change her hairstyle? And once again your just making up bogus bullshit claims that you came up with yourself just to purposely insert your own bigotry towards his beliefs which by this point is really pathetic and silly that you gotta jump on the "Let's blame tom cruise" bandwagon. Also how do you know what he's thinking? Neither of you are mind readers cus all your doing is basing opinions on your own made up speculation. It's sad that even after 2 years you still can't accept that she's happy to be with him and rather believe the tabloid crap or gossip instead of facts.

whats your problem?!!she has a new hair cut,so what?did you expect her to ask for your advice?please people stop making crazy assumptions about other people's relationships and HAIR CUTS.if you had your own relationships to focus on,you'd stop this craziness . get relationships of your own and base them on the stuff you've been saying about Katie and her man and give them piece of mind. did it ever cross your minds that she might have changed her hair because SHE wanted to!!

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