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November 23, 2007

Kevin Federline has a Britney-do!


Britney Spears and her ex-hubby Kevin Federline may be a bit more alike than we ever thought we would admit.

Not only did K-Fed take a page out of Britney's book by shopping for the most random things at the most random places (i.e. electronic on Thanksgiving), but it looks like Kevin is going for the "Britney-do."

Federline was spotted on Thursday sporting a new (almost) bald look.  It looks like Kevin has jumped on the skin-head bandwagon just as Britney's hair has started to grow back.

I actually kinda like it.  As long as he doesn't let his hair grow back out like a street thug, K-Fed has the potential to look much better than I would have expected in his days as a back-up dancer.

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He may be worried that the judge is going to order drug tests for him too. If the judge smartens up he will order the hair analysis which is why K-Fed would have cut his hair. Pot, as he was seen smoking on video tape about 3 weeks ago, (he smokes pot daily) will show up in a hair analysis for ever and in urine for 30 days.

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