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November 27, 2007

K-Fed's Christmas gift for Britney: take the kids


Kevin Federline is in the giving mood this holiday season or has a blunt to smoke and chick to bang on Christmas day.  Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan has hammered out a deal with Britney Spears' counsel and Brit-Brit will get Jayden James and Sean Preston on Christmas Day.

K-Fed has custody of the couple's two boys since Britney is in the middle of her breakdown. 

I wonder what Britney, the boys and their court ordered monitor will do to celebrate Christmas.  I bet they'll have best hotel room and the most Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree in all of Los Angeles.

Can't you just imagine Britney and the boys all sitting around the tree in disappointment because Santa didn't come?  I think someone should step in and stop the cruelty.  Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus cares enough to dress up as Santa with gifts in tow?

Photo: Gossip Girls


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