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November 27, 2007

Linda Bollea "Hogan" wants half of Hulk's fortune

Mama Hogan must be the one who knows best, because Linda Bollea "Hogan" is going for half of everything in her divorce from legendary wrestler Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea

In addition to half of the assets, Linda wants:

- An unspecified amount of alimony and child support (Linda wants primary custody of their 17-year-old son Nick.  Hulk would get "liberal visitation" rights.)

- Terry Bollea to pay for Nick's health insurance.

- The Hulkster to take out an insurance policy to cover child support for Nick, if necessary.

Linda also says that if she and Hulk can't decide who gets what out of all their houses, cars, jewelry, etc... then it should be sold and the money made should be split 50/50 between Linda and Terry.

Hogan also wrote in her divorce petition states that the marriage is "irretrievably broken."

It definitely looks like this one is over.  I guess it is a good thing that Hulk Hogan is hosting the new American Gladiators.  He might need the money to keep up with all this.

The Bolleas were married Dec. 12, 1983, in Los Angeles.

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Who is she to get anything, all she did was pop out 2 overrated kids. Remember she filed in California so 1/2 might go to her. Why should Hulk pay for anything, remember thier is a video online now her Linda is STREET RACING (http://youtube.blog/watch?v=RyRlkK4zJio), I wonder were Nick got it, so she should pay. Maybe one week off of facelift should be enough to pay all of Nick legal fee. Hulk should not give up anything, if she wants anything they should wrestle for it... Maybe somebody will be able to shut her up.

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