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November 09, 2007

Linda Stein's assistant charged with murder

As we told you earlier today, Linda Stein's assistant Natavia Lowery was picked up and transported to the NYPD for questioning.

Now, Lowery has given detectives a written and verbal confession to killing Stein.

Lowery told police that Stein had been verbally abusive to her and on the day of the murder had blown marijuana smoke into her face and waved a "yoga stick" at her, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said.

"At this point, Lowery said she grabbed the yoga stick from Stein's hand and struck her with it six or seven times," Kelly said, adding that detectives are still searching for the murder weapon.

Lowery's has had a run-in with the law in the past, but it wasn't anything major.  She was arrested for identity theft in 2006, in which she stole another woman's identification and used it to get a credit card in her name, Kelly said.

Linda Stein, of course, is the former manager of the Ramones who later became known as the "Realtor to the Stars."

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