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November 9, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is about to get Ugly...


If you thought Victoria Beckham on Ugly Betty was maaaja, then you're probably going to get giddy over the thought of Lindsay Lohan popping up on the hit ABC series.

Evidently the Ugly Betty producers are in talks with Lindsay's peeps to try and get Lohan on the show to play a fallen beauty queen who ends up working as an assistant manager of a fast food restaurant.  The character that Lohan would play finds hope in meeting Betty Suarez who tries to get her a job a Mode magazine.

"Betty tries to help Lindsay's character by getting her a job at Mode, the fashion magazine where she works on the show," a source said.

Lindsay has some tough shoes to fill as a guest on Ugly Betty.  Posh, as I've already mentioned was maaaaja.  Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu also left last impressions from their guest appearances on Ugly Betty, not to mention a whole slew of D-listers and gaggle of fashion designers.


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