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November 20, 2007

Marie Osmond safe on Dancing with the Stars despite low judges scores

Marie Osmond and her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts were the first couple called to safety on Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show.

Tom Begeron didn't announce the first safe star until about half-way through the show.  We had to stay in suspense while Avril Lavigne performed.

Marie and Jonathan have really done well these past few shows despite the fact that they haven't done so great with their judges scores.  I wouldn't be surprised if Marie Osmond is the winner of this season's Dancing with the Stars.

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Marie Osmond tells us a story w/her dancing along w/Helio. When I watch I want to feel and see life, and they bring it. It should be those two against each other. In the end it should be Marie, because her partner shows her off while Helio's partner does all the hard moves, only looking to make sure she looks good.


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