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November 11, 2007

Meet the Yoga Stick

It's been puzzling me since I first heard the story. Now, the mystery is solved...



Until Natavia Lowery bludgeoned her boss, Linda Stein, to death with a "yoga stick", I was completely unaware that there even existed such a thing, let alone that one could be murdered by it.

I decided to enlighten myself as to what it could be and what purpose it may serve, other than the obvious and however useful Google has proven in the past, it did not in this case. The input was "Yoga Stick" and up came millions of pages of yoga stick figures; also coming across several pages in search of the answer to my question. "WTF is a Yoga Stick?!"

I still don't know what a yoga stick is, or what purpose it serves, other than some sort of exercise & homicide and possible orificial phallic pleasure, but I have a picture of some of them and that's one step ahead of all you other bitches!

*Edit* OK, so I brushed up on my Japanese translation and have read that it is a "stiff shoulder remedy" (Yoga Stick towards bottom of page) But if you ask me, I suspect Linda Stein used it rather for her stiff upper (vaginal) lip. Innocent

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