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November 07, 2007

Nick Hogan arrested over car accident

Hulk Hogan's son Nick Bollea turned himself in to cops on Wednesday stemming from a street-racing crash this summer that left his passenger in the car critically injured.

Bollea, who uses the name Hogan like his father, was arrested on charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury according to police in Clearwater, Fla.

He arrived at the jail handcuffed and escorted by two armed police officers.

"Because Nick is still a juvenile and has no prior criminal record, we are disappointed that he is being charged as an adult offender. However, we are confident that the evidence will demonstrate that this was an accident," family spokesman Adam Handelsman said in a written statement.

The statement also denounced reports that Nick caused the crash by driving fast, saying that initial expert reports indicated that it was no a speeding accident.

Police beg to differ.  Cops say Bollea was racing his father's 1998 Toyota Supra against a Dodge Viper on Aug. 26 when the car Nick was driving struck a curb, spun across two lanes of traffic and slammed rear-end first into a palm tree. His passenger, John Graziano, was critically injured.

Graziano, 22, suffered a broken skull and has been comatose since the accident.

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