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November 04, 2007

Paul McCartney to challenge Heather Mills for custody of kid

Heather Mills may have stabbed herself in the foot with her latest tour of tears through US and British television.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Mills' claims of attempted suicide has sparked her estranged husband Paul McCartney to request primary custody of their daughter, Beatrice.

The Mail is also reporting that Heather and Paul met up on Friday at his estate to discuss her tyrades.  Their source say Paul and his aides were "baffled" by Mills' television appearances.

"It soon became clear to him that if he didn't try to bring her back within the fold as soon as possible her rantings would become increasingly specific and perhaps damaging to him," the source said.

Beatrice is all Mills has, really.  Without the kid, she may not get the checks.  We're talking hundreds of thousands each week here people. 

Heather may have to get a job!

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