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November 08, 2007

Tom Cruise doesn't own a cell phone?!

Tom Cruise is living in the dark ages!  The devout scientologist says he is focused on spending time with his daughter Suri and wife Katie Holmes.

"I have no iPhone, no mobile, no email address, no watch, no jewelry, no wallet. I simply want to be with my children and make movies," Cruise said.

"My values for children never change: love, responsibility, curiosity at the wonder of life."

Tom says he gets a thrill out of "waking up and seeing Katie and Suri and giving them a hug".

While I admire Tom Cruise's family oriented spirit, my dog and my blackberry are my children!

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Wow!What a responsable and caring man he is. I like the way he values his family more than anything.Unfortunate he said he owns no cell phone nor email address.I would like to ask him whats the behind secret of him being 45 years old still look young, healthy and handsome!

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