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November 18, 2007

Two gay men get in "domestic" dispute on freeway

If the video isn't enough, keep reading for the whole story.

source: KOLD-TV by way of CNN.blog 

Two men in Phoenix got into a fight on a busy freeway.  It happened on Interstate 17 between the Peoria and Dunlap exits.  Not only did they disrupt traffic, but they almost were hit by passing drivers.  The incident was caught on tape by an Arizona Department of Transporation traffic camera.

The two men were seen fighting and crossing four lanes of traffic.  Department of Public Safety officers say one of the men even tried to throw himself in front of traffic.  The other man tried to tackle him to the ground in order to save his life.

Several vehicles had to come to a stop in order to avoid hitting them.  In the end, both were arrested.  They face charges of domestic violence and assault.

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