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December 22, 2007

Did K-Fed really know about Jamie Lynn's pregnancy before Brit?


It sure seems that way!

Evidently Britney and Jamie Lynn's mom called her former son-in-law, Kevin Federline, to warn him that Jamie Lynn was knocked up.

Lynne Spears evidently wanted K-Fed to know, because "the media would be going crazy."

"Lynne talks with him way more than she talks to Britney," a source tells Us Weekly.

The source also makes it seem like Lynne asked Kevin to keep the news from her own daughter, Britney.

"...she asked him as a favor not to say anything to anyone. She wanted him to be prepared," the source said.

Lynne and Jamie Lynn will have made a cold million off their story from OK! Magazine (assuming they provide the mag with the first pics of the new Spears spawn).

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