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December 04, 2007

Did Seth Tobias lead a secret gay life before his death?

Former hedge fund manager and CNBC commentator Seth Tobias died after allegedly drowning in the pool at his Jupiter, Florida home. 

Tobias' wife has been accused of his murder, and now the New York Times is revealing more.  Evidently Seth Tobias led a secret gay life before he died.

The Times is reporting that Tobias was known to frequent a gay bar called Cupids in West Palm Beach.  That's where, according to the Times, he met a go-go dancer named Tiger who "is blond and covered with tattoos that look like stripes."

Their secret life was evidently filled with drugs and gay sex.

Now the big question is... did his wife found about his secret life and kill him or did he piss off the wrong gay guy or drug dealer?

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There could be a political connection as well. Something is fishy with Tobias's property taxes. In 2006 his main home was valued $4,593,688 and he paid $98,497 in property taxes. For 2007 the tax appraiser dropped his value to $3,368,480 and his taxes dropped to $68,878.

The taxman dropped his taxes by 30%, yet just yesterday I heard on the news that beachfront property in the area went up 15% the first nine months of this year. So, did Tobias bribe the tax collector or does he have a boyfriend in the taxman's office?

Why is the news not investigating this tax break? It could lead to some very deep political connections....

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