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December 27, 2007

Donald Trump admits Ivanka is dating publisher Jared Kushner

Donald Trump is finally admitting that his blonde heiress daughter, Ivanka, is dating Jared Kushner, but according to PEOPLE the Donald isn't saying much more.

"There are enough stories about my family," she says. "We have all been in the public eye. And we understand the process."

Meanwhile, it seems like Ivanka, who is clearly enjoying her new "work" making her not so ugly.

Ivanka admits there are advantages to "being young, blonde and, if you will, looking a certain way."

The Trumps, of course, only get the best that money can buy... even it when it comes to plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, Ivanka was spotted over the holiday canoodling with Jared Kushner in St. Barts.  I wonder if wedding bells are coming?  Imagine what Trump will do for his little girl's wedding!

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